An integrated team of lawyers, each with his own speciali­ties and area of expertise, allows us to operate as a full-service law firm and offer counsel and assistance in all aspects of the law to any person or body corporate seeking redress.

When it comes to solve problems that require immediate attention or address queries regarding the finer points of law in family law, civil law or criminal law, the firm can rely on the acumen and years of experience of Mr Luc Steyaert.

Messrs. Vincent De Donder and Bruno Wiemeer­sch provide legal services to corporate clients both in an advisory capacity, with a view to prevent lawsuits, and in a curative capacity, when it comes to obtain redress through legal proceedings.

These services encompass all areas of law with which most companies and ventures are likely to be confronted in the normal course of business: commercial and economic law, corporate law and financial law. 

The law firm also has entensive experience in the fields of insurance law and civil liability, two areas of the law that, following the impetus of our co-founder, Mr Luc Wiemeersch, have been the core business of the partnership since its very inc­eption.

 The integrated and fixed structure of our law firm in which partners and associates alike work as a closely-knitted team allows us to handle each case entrusted to us with the utmost efficiency, a full grasp of the law and all its implications and to bring the matter to conclusion with expediency.