The law office as a partnership is a given predicated on the notion that the legal profession should be dedicated to provide the public with the best possible service in all matters pertaining to the law.

By the end of 1986, three generations of law practitioners, Mr Luc Wiemeer­sch, Mr Luc Steyaert and Mr Vincent De Donder came together to discuss the best way to join forces and form a professional corporation attuned to the needs of their clients.

The basic principle was a given from the very start.

Having reviewed the various options, they soon arrived at the conclusion that a full association was the only way to attain the goals they had set and bring their common project to fruition.

Thus, the law firm of Wiemeer­sch Steyaert De Donder was founded on February 1, 1998 in the form of a cooperative company.

Its partners were its initial founders, Mr Luc Wiemeer­sch, Mr Luc Steyaert and Mr Vincent De Donder.

On September 30, 2007, Mr Luc Wiemeer­sch retired after 50 years at the bar, more than 19 of which were served in the capacity of partner of the law firm.

His successor, Mr Bruno Wiemeer­sch, started his career in 1997 as a trainee lawyer and was admitted as associate of the law firm in 2000.

This "affectio societatis", our spirit of cooperation which implies that each and every person in our law firm, not least our administrative staff, has an important role to play, reflects our intent to create optimum conditions for an efficient and outstanding practice of the legal profession and is entirely to the benefit of our clients.